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On a demandé à Outbound Call Center Representative...19 mai 2022

tell me about yourself and story how to sell a cellphone to the person that just woke up from coma for 20yrs

Bill Gosling Outsourcing

Pre-recorded video interview and skills assessment and then another interview


what would you do when costumer is angry

Arrow Workforce Solutions

Can you please read this?


Customer service questions - how certain situations or queries would be dealt with. Ability to use IT and phones. Working with teams ability.

Delta Air Lines

What was a challenging situation at a previous job and how did you solve it

Wescom Credit Union

Why do you make a good fit? How do you feel talking to customers by phone (verses is how they spelled it) vs face to face.

Australian Retirement Trust

The most important question is why you want the position.

Sigma Connected

Mainly about your experience and what you can bring to the company

Center City Legal & Reporting

Present Goals and Future Goals

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