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Entretiens chez Alorica /  Siège social: Irvine, CA

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Entretiens chez Cox Communications /  Siège social: Atlanta, GA

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Entretiens chez IO Solutions Call Center /  Siège social: Alberton

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How do you keep up with fashion trends?

3 réponses

Reading magazines, looking at the fashion e-letters I'm subscribed to online, watching what celebrities are wearing, etc

Observing what others are wearing, observe the trends that come up when shopping, look online at what stores have to offer

Observing social media and putting my own personality into the style

How would you describe customer service?

2 réponses

Tell me about yourself.

1 réponse

Give me an example of problem solving relevant to the job.

1 réponse

Who is my fashion inspiration?

1 réponse

What is professionalism to you?

1 réponse

how did you choose the outfit that you are wearing right now ??

1 réponse

Asked me to read a script so they could judge my speaking voice.

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What are the most important qualities that a manager can have?

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