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All questions are based in Customer Service and safety.

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Practice before and have confidence when answering your experience. Smile and make eye contact.

Hello can u tell me when was your Groups Interview? I did mine Nov8 still waiting for Training date...

Did u apply for Mainline ?

Political / social issues.

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Why are you interested in working for AirCanada?

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Do you have any visible tattoos?

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What do you know about WestJet? What did you do to prepare for this interview? Tell me about your resume? What is your strength and weakness? Why did you apply for this position? Why should we hire you out of all the candidates? What would you do if you had a disruptive passenger?

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Basic interview questions. What did u do to prepare for this interview? Why should we choose you? Why do you want to work for west jet encore? Tell us about a time you had an altercation w a co worker how did u handle that?

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