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Century Business Solutions
On a demandé à un Business Relationship Manager...18 août 2017

do you think, as a mother, you can handle all that's expected of you?

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Wow... thats a really illegal question to

Yes, Calvin is incredibly sexist and also thinks his company should take precedence over personal life and family. Moins

yes, i have a strong support system and my husband works varying hours during the week so my kids are taken of Moins


Things related to IBM Technology or offerings or IBM Industrial knwoledge

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You need to go through IBM website and get yourself familiar with the basic details Moins



Corporate finance (balance sheet analysis, different ratios and their utilities and so on...) Economics (CPI, WPI, Time series and so on...)

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The best way to answer is to stick to real-life examples


Tell me about yourself

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Be genuine tell about your knowlege, be confident in presenting yourself, how you will be an asset to organization. Moins

Better Business Bureaus

Have you worked inside sales?

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Yes, and gave examples of my history

Tata Consultancy Services

All of them asked me about my knowledge of the company , my experience and my achievements.

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Tell them about my background , with names, numbers and dates,

Bank of America

If you had only one financial statement to choose from in order to analyze a company, which one would you choose?

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This is a pretty basic question. I answered "Balance Sheet" which is insane because every financial analyst/lender knows that cash is king. The answer is the Cash Flow Statement. The interviewer was kind enough to tell me that she usually relies on the balance sheet too. Like I said, they did everything they could to ensure I left the interview feeling good about myself. Still, I think I'd prefer tough love. Moins

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

What can you bring to the company

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There were no unexpected questions

M&T Bank

Give me 3 adjectives that describe yourself...

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Did you read a "How to Interview" book last night? And, read my resume; there are plenty of adjectives that describe myself. Moins


What do you ultimately want to do? Why Wizeline?

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Told them my long-term goals, said I wanted to be at Wizeline because it was a fast-growing company and I believe (and really do!) in their leadership. Moins

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