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Why should we hire you? Coming from a telecom to a software background the immediate connection was made when I talked about the business of a company and aligning software with their priority

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Gave an example of how I mapped business priorities to the solution

Are you willing to come back from parental leave to take the job

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Why are you interested in the role? How do your previous experiences relate to the role? What was a challenge in high school?

Was asked many behavioural questions about strengths and weaknesses. Asked about technical experience, highlights from previous jobs/experience.

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Do you mean I have to buy hardware for this solution? I cannot afford that.

A case about thisopenspace launching in a new market and running a contest to generate, qualify, and close leads who we would then help launch stores/pop-ups. It involved learning about the current tools that are being used and using systems thinking to accurately find and use data we already have to successfully launch in a new market.

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