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On a demandé à un Business Development Consultant...2 mai 2017

Very in-depth family background check.

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Thanks god, you didn't join!

LOL, you lucky! You just escaped from the hell !!

Oh damn.. I thought I kena only.. probably this is like their culture on how to make sure that you can handle the stress level... lol.. Moins

Rackspace Technology

If I was a circus animal, what would I be? I thought this question was ridiculous. I guess they wanted to hear my logic and reasoning skills. Still, most of the interview seemed to be a waste of time due to their lack of preparation.

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So what is the right answer?

seria el león porque no compite con los otros animal apenas sale las personas le prestan toda la atención y no compite porque es superior a todos Moins


What would be a lot of money according to you?

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Couldn't figure out whether they wanted an actual number or answer based off my current salary, or retirement expectations, considered too many factors and stumbled through the answer Moins



Why do you want this job?

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... but worse than other high tech companies. Not much of a market for BD anymore, so I guess you got desperate and applied at Oracle. Keep your options open. When Oracle lays you off, they will play hardball on your severance. Make sure you have a nest egg. Moins

There is no right or wrong answer here. It depends on who is interviewing you and what mood they are in that hour. Moins

Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions

About Myself

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Just told them what i am


How would you handle this situation? told me a story about an existing client..

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The sales guy skipped a step in the selling process.

BCI Central

Please tell me about yourself

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Introduction and telling where i come from


Sell me this pen

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What do you think about cold calling?

phs Group

Do you feel you are a responsible person?

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a) yes a lot b) a little bit c) not at all

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