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MCB Bank
On a demandé à un General Banking Officer...30 juin 2012

What would you do if some illiterate person come to you for banking service and ask in rough way?

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In simplest and easiest way, I will introduce banking product. Using comparison examples. Moins

Sir, you are sitting here in front of me in suit with tie and holding good position. I ll treat that illiterate person as I am treating you right now. I ll talk to him in same language in which he/she would be talking after reading his/her psyche. Moins


What are your short term/long term career goals?

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enter into banking industry ,and do all certification to be PFP

Whatever you choose, be specific and align the goals with the current position you are applying for. Moins

what is you greatest work challenge

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working with stubborn clients and still staying calm

Having an unclear JD


describe a situation where u felt particulary effective in establish a business relattionship with someone/

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this is the question i felt most difficult


Nothing so difficult.

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I will join immediately

Once i met Omkar


Will you work with us at a lowest salary?

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Bank Leumi USA

Why the interest in Leumi Bank?

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Do your HW.

National Bank of Pakistan

They asked me about a person also mentioned in a panamaleaks who is that person from your home town?

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I told them it is chaudry baraadran from my home town.

NatWest Group

"Name a time you had to deal with a difficult colleague and how did you overcome the situation!

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This one really is open to interpretation, the best way to deal with this type of question I found was using an example where a difference in opinion was the difficulty in question. Moins

Standard Chartered Bank

What you have done in between your graduation to current interview?

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I have done my post graduation and changed various jobs for better salary.

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