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On a demandé à un Business/Market Research Analyst...10 septembre 2017

A sheet was given with a preset questionnaire. Questions were asked on that basis.

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I just justified my answers.


What is Ethereum?

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a femalewithbigboobswhoalsolikestositonherpartnersface is the probable answer

InSites Consulting

Excel/SPSS test regarding multiple counterifs with mutliple criteria in order to calculate different percentages from a given table. Very repetitive and does take a lot in order to understand what is supposed to be done. Afterwards there is a verbal interview completely in English in order to check how have you done at the test. The first two interviewers were much nicer and open comparing to the foreigner ones. It's an entry level job with a full time availability. Not recommended for postgraduate/undergraduate students. Not flexible at all.

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Use counterifs with multiple criteria in excel in order to finish in time the test. Moins


Introduce yourself. Tell us about your internships.

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I had already prepared both of them. Gave them 3 key points in my intro. Academic+Hobbies Moins

Weill Cornell Medical College

Why do you want to be a business analyst?

Qatar Airways

Tell me about your previous experience related to this position

Weill Cornell Medical College

How do you prefer to communicate?


Describe a problem you identified, made a recommendation, and your recommendation was implemented.


Appeared for 1 st round only Half the time previous project were discussed and then DS based coding


Explain the roles of a Enterprise Architect ?

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