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Saatchi & Saatchi Group
On a demandé à Budget Coordinator...25 mai 2017

Do you know Vlookup, Pivot Tables, and Macros?

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I am only unfamiliar with macros.

Macros are just when you hit record, do a few things, and when you click play, it will automatically do those things again so you don't have to keep repeating long processes Moins

City of Toronto

Behaviour question, skills question about the position applied

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Could you please tell me what exactly did the computer test ask you to do for example the Microsoft word and excel. What do I need to know ? Moins

Could you please tell me what exactly did the computer test ask you to do for example the Microsoft word and excel. What do I need to know Moins


What would kind of friend would your friend say you are?

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A loyal one. She rebuttals with "would your friend really say that about you?"

being honest and responsible person,

Government of Alberta

What kind of things would you look for after receiving forecast submissions from different program areas? What would be a red flag?

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over allocation of expenses if it was way over the budget for the year and sometime, the budget admin tends to make errors. Watch for the variance analysis ( bud to forecast , or forecast to forecast) Moins

Red flag can include: 1. The complete omission of cost information especially where there is a change in policy or investment decision. Sometime it may be that creation of a new position is considered thereby need for a new employee, such information may be missing in the forecast. 2. Inconsistency: Look out for inconsistency in any of the cost line items, for instance, if inflation price index was applied at 1.02% to each cost item but one of the items is having a markup of 3%, there is a red flag there. Moins

Keck Medicine of USC

What's your biggest weakness?

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I always try to change the weakness that I found on my way in something to make me bold and brave. Moins

My biggest weakness is it's very hard for me to say NO. It always make me feel bad and lagging when I turn other people down. Even though I have a lot of urgent matters to handle, I still take on more duties. Moins

MGM Resorts International

What is your experience with budgeting?

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I did it for 5 years at a bank.

Accelerated Development & Support Corporation

what do your coworkers like/ not like about working with you

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its easy to say my coworkers like me cause i work hard and it was hard to not say something wrong about why somebody might be against me in a job Moins

Government of Alberta

Tell us about your education and experience.

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If you were given a budget, what red flags will you look out for?

Why are you interested in this position?

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Promotional opportunities and skills utilization.


What was your worst personal defect?

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My tendency towards perfectionism

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