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Questions d'entretiens à Bonn

Entretiens d'embauche chez Deutsche Telekom à Bonn /  Siège social: Bonn, GM

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Entretiens d'embauche chez Deutsche Post DHL à Bonn /  Siège social: Bonn

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Entretiens d'embauche chez DHL Consulting à Bonn /  Siège social: Bonn

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Questions d'entretien pour à Bonn

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Wären Sie bereit, viel zu reisen?

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Depends on the responsibility you have, you may fly 2-3 times/month in EU.

Case study

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In some interviews I have been asked technical questions, but more to check where I would need training than challenge me. Most questions asked around to understand: from where I come, where I want to go, what is my experience.

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Es gab keine unvorhergesehenen Fragen

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You are presented with a problem from a stakeholder. Imagine you have a call from him and go ahead figure it out and convince him you could help :) After you figured out what's required in terms of DS tasks you'd have to propose several modeling options applicable and explain in detail the intricacies of different approaches, different error metrics etc. Remember, you won't be able to use google/wiki :)

Weshalb haben Sie sich beworben?

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Wo sehen Sie sich in den nächsten 5 Jahren?

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What do you think about having responsibilities? Have you turned down any task before? Why?

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