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Fresenius Medical Care - North America
On a demandé à un Biomedical Equipment Technician...3 octobre 2017

how do you deal with pressure

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just assess the situation calmly & think about the outcome.

Pressure is in my nature

Take a deep breath, assess the situation, fix what i can and get help for situations that are getting out of control Moins

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Where do you see yourself 5 years from now.

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I guess it's typical for the Clinical Engineering department to hire unqualified candidates since you were given an offer and even YOU didn't feel like you were qualified. I am more qualified than any candidate they have and probably most of their current employees, yet I was not offered the position because they felt I lived too far. Just goes to show the level of competency of the management. Moins

That's unfortunate. The benefits were outstanding, but you are correct, the competency of management leaves alot to be desired. Moins


What equipment do you feel comfortable with.

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Personal answer.


Do you know how to test for electrical safety?

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Remember how to measure for Micoamps and milliOhms

Cleveland Clinic

How many years of experience do you have with biomedical equipment repair? Are you willing to do the work for a little above min. wage? Are you willing to relocate for min wage?

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Awkward silence, and then hang up phone.

US Air Force

Do you currently do drugs?

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You just say no


Do you prefer working solo or in groups and why?

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I prefer groups. The field is multidisciplinary and cross functional group calibration can only add to the quality of clinical service provided Moins

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

What is your experience in the field?

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Why do you want to work here

Rush University Medical Center

To hold off on 2 other job offers

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I held off on the other job offers and evenly accepted theirs

CommonSpirit Health

They asked for an example of an instance when I took initiative and how it turned out.

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I described a project that I initiated with another employer.

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