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Sunrise Farms
On a demandé à un Billing Clerk...11 janvier 2021

What is your typing speed? How familiar are you with excel? How are you at using windows? Have you used n ERP system before?

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As the questions were very direct to the job and not ambiguous I was able to give direct numbers or yes or no answers. Moins


I don't know about my typing speed but it's not slow it's medium speed i am maintaining any data in excell currently window 10, yes I am do it in ERP. Moins

New England Motor Freight

Do you know how to type

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Community Surgical Supply

He/she asked me how much I wanted per hour.

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I said $15/hr, which under the stressful conditions this company held, I felt was reasonable. However, they were only interested in $14/hr at the most. Would I except that? I said, okay, but try for the $15. Moins

I would give them at least a $5.00 range. Starting at the almost highest I would want , to at least $5.00 dollar over that. Moins


Would I have a problem with not being able to speak with other employees in my department?

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At the time I could not imagine this as serious, so I answered No.

McIntosh Trail Community Service Board

When can you start

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Horizon Therapy Services

Do you speak Spanish?

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I do not speak Spanish but I understand some.

Ross Medical Education Center

Standard interview questions

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Answers were well prepared with detailed information to backup. Excellent work history and credentials. Moins

Brock Group

How would you handle yourself in a stressful situation?

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Take a minute to collect my thought and process what I am struggling with and take one step at a time. Moins


General interview questions regarding previous experience and knowledge.

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Gave them my previous work experience and knowledge.


Tell me about yourself

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Told them i was honest reliable and trustworty. That i knew how to multitask also Moins

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