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What is a clustered index?

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A secondary table key that is applied to one or more fields that can be applied with a ordering property, typically used for the primary textual identifier of the table. (There are a few ways to describe this type field, I didn't answer in the exact definition. This is really a ridiculous question for the role in question, and then he continued with other intro to database questions. I believe the interview approach was clustered, so to speak, to get thru the full interview would have taken a few days.)

Questions related to Hadoop and its usage, And quite a bit about previous work experience

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What package would you use in certain analysis? Have you had the experience in Deep Learning and what was the project? What have you done in the past that may be relevant for this job?

What makes numpy faster than vanilla Python in calculating matrix operations?

A lot of conceptual questions about when and why I would use certain tech. A lot of questions about past experience and why I done certain things in certain scenarios.

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