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r2 Technologies (TX)
On a demandé à un BI Manager...3 mars 2017

Are you comfortable working with a very large database?

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All I’ve worked in


I was asked up front about my current position and pay scale.

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Wanted to know what the position pay scale was.

Based on the tech writers interview info, can we assume that they refused to give you a range? Moins

Somos Educação

Fizeram todas as perguntas padrões de entrevista, porém usando os dados da minha trajetória profissional, me senti muito bem entrevistado.

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Respondi as questões trazendo minhas experiências dos trabalhos anteriores.


on test paper: algebra questions with two equations and two unknowns

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using elimination method


How will you measure the water flowing under London Bridge in single day

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This was absloutely irrelvent question for manager level and when I said same the interviewer got angry. It seemed he had bad mood prior to interview and already decided to reject or just interviewing because someone asked him to and was ill-prepared. Moins

Cook Children's Health Care System

Write a query on paper.

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Can't write a query on paper. Misleading data was given without any explanation.


I want to spend 15 mil. GBP on Kindle campaign promoting pet food category. In the fictive country with 15 mil inhabitants. What do you say to me?

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Given the penetration of tablets & readers of about 35% (good guess for Europe); 30% Kindle market share (good guess for Europe) and maximum campaign response of 10% (extremely generous for category promotion campaign) you'll be addressing approximately 75 thousand already acquired customers (all of them have Kindle after all). So the total campaign effect (and we are not talking about purchase amount but about margins) should be at least 200 GBP per customer. To have acceptable ROI the effect should be 240 GBP. And this simply will not work. I did not pass because I didn't divide the responses into primary responses and into secondary, taking into account complimentary goods and customer loyalty and his lifetime with the company... But this is really rubbish. If the idea is stupid from the beginning - you don't have to waste time to go into each detail. Moins


Who will win the premier league this season?

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Not sure


how do you motivate your team

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The company surveys the employee community and publishes the factors that empl9oyees appreciate and dislike. As a manager I need to listen to these factors and develop specific value propositions for addressing them. Then, I need to monitor the progress of each initiative in its impact on the employee perception of value. Moins


He just asked why I needed the additional part-time?

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I explained my current situation being a single home owner, just graduated, and pursuing my MBA, and wanted to help family affected by current tornado. Moins

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