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On a demandé à Barista - Starbucks...13 janvier 2020

Where do I see your self with the company

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want to explore management training opportunities and also learn the finer points of this industry, so I can eventually become a bcompany leader. Moins

I want to start the same as everyone and grow as I learn.

First of all i start at entry level like everyone else and then move up into management. Moins

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Why do you want to apply for this job?

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I m in need of part time job so this suits me best

i enjoy helping people and am an avid starbucks drinker. i would like to work as many hours as possible, and be available anytime you need me! Moins

I would like interview

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Have you ever worked in a stressful or busy environment before?

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Yes. When I was a cook, we had a line that was just about as long as yours here and it was always filled with tickets. I am very experienced with focusing in on the task at hand and servicing it in a timely fashion, especially in a busy environment. Multi-tasking is a specialty of mine." Moins

yes, i felt that

Yes, but the situation was soon controlled


how can you increase the sales of starbucks?

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to give the best customer service

As well as coffee


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Why do you want to work here?

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Like to join,to working at starbuck

find new experience

Even though I don’t have experience i will assure that I am fast learner and experience in retail as supervisor so i know to handle customer well. Moins


Me fale sobre você.

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Falei sobre mim

Sou bem comunicativa e gosto de aprender coisas novas

Sou simpático,gosto de trabalhar em equipe e tenho facilidade em aprender.

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what about our company drew you in?

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Do research on a company before you go in, even if it’s super basic info you know Moins

this question is always hard, when a lot of times the answer is "i need a job"

Scooter's Coffee

Tell me about yourself/What are your hobbies?

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I enjoy painting quite a lot. I do it almost every day as well as reading non fiction books. I also enjoy thrifting and fashion along with creating my clothes and painting on them to create my own exclusive look! Moins

I am a competitive swimmer as well, usually on my free time I like to practice swimming as well as the other things I listed previously. Moins

I like to sing and sometimes read books if the interest me, I live in Beatrice on the SCC campus I am expecting my first child in March Moins

Aroma Espresso Bar

Why do you want to work with us?

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I am 21year old

I am 21year old

I am 21year old


Why do you want to work for Target?

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I like the positive environment, and I love shopping at Target.

Because I'm in need of a job and i think target is a really nice place.

Because it's a team base inviroment

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