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On a demandé à un Server/Bar Tender...19 mai 2022

what is your pet name

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Sabbi Beniwal


At Your Service (UK)

How I would handle with different situations?

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What my previous experience is?

J D Wetherspoon

What experience do you have of a busy bar

1 réponses

Explained lots as a student

Adelaide Oval

Can you pour beer from a tap

1 réponses

Yes continously


Are you able to lift 50+ lbs

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TGI Fridays

Asked me to relate myself to a color

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I said I am blue because it’s calm and collected

Turtle Bay

How long would you be looking to work with us?

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Say as long as possible, they put a lot of training into people and want their employees to stay with the company so they don’t waste money on training Moins

Heretic Brewing & Distilling

How would you handle a customer who has had too much to drink?

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Offer the customer a glass of water politely. If things escalate turn to my supervisor. Moins

The Goat

Availability based, getting to know you, a few questions about experience

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Nights and weekend availability


Why I wanted to work at Fuller's.

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Good track history of looking after their staff and providing training or progression. Moins

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