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On a demandé à un Customer Service Representative Td Bank...12 décembre 2010

Why do you want to work for TD Bank?

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A growing company with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

Anonymous LA

Tell about something u are interested

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Yes I did good


Why did I want to work here.

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That i was up for a fresh challenge and needed to know that I was worth something Moins


What would you do when you first get to the branch?

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Meet with each employee one on one and find out a little about them. Meet with and contact the business client base. Review goals of center and where we are to date.... Moins

Bank OZK

Do you have any prior experience handling cash?

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Yes, I have been a cashier at my prior job, and it was a large part of my job.

Woodforest National Bank

She asked about my sales experience.

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I outlined my 16 years in direct sales.

Woodforest National Bank

She asked about my banking experience.

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I responded with the details of my position as a local director for a community bank including collections experience (Woodforest charges a lot of fees and you need to be able to demonstrate experience in being tough on collections). Moins


Group interview: "What does legendary customer experience mean to you?, give an example of a time where you have received and a time you have provided legendary experience" - Role play questions: They would give you a sheet with product benefits, you will have to try to sell it to the interviewer/customer. Panel interview: General questions: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years", "Why TD?". "What does legendary mean to you?", "Give an example of a legendary experience" Personality questions - ie "Have you ever seen something unethical happen at your previous jobs? and what have you done about it?"

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Answer in honestly. There will be 2 interviewers, one will be recording and watching your behaviour, the other will be conducting the questions. Take your time in answering the questions, meaning you answer thoroughly. You want to highlight other assets (what you can bring to the table) in your interview while answering questions so you can showcase yourself more. Show some personality in your interview, don't be a brick. TD loves personality, leadership, and teamwork. Moins

U.S. Bank

How would you adapt? What target areas would you focus on?

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HEILs and HELOCs would be perfect for the bank area market.

Wells Fargo

How would you be vauable to Wells Fargo? And why should we consider you for a position here at wells fargo?

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Im the person who can get the job done with my previous experience for this job position. I have the ability to show what is expected out of me through my position and to improve an on going process. Moins

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