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Minimum length of roofing for parked cars: There are many cars parked in the parking lot. The parking is a straight very long line and a parking slot for every single meter. There are cars parked currently and you want to cover them from the rain by building a roof. The requirement is that at least k cars are covered by the roof.What's the minium length of the roof that would cover k cars? The function has the following parameters: cars: integer array of length denoting the parking slots where cars are parked k: integer denoting the number of cars that have to be covered by the roof Example Example: Input: cars: [2, 10, 8, 17] k: 3 output: 9 Explanation: you can build a roof of length 9 covering all parking slots from the 2nd one to the 10th one, so covering 3 cars at slots 2,

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The answer should be based on Sliding Window mechanism.

Business presentation : there area list of companies that have arrived to give their presentation. Their arrival time and duration of their presentation are given. But there are some presentations that overlap. So what is the maximum number of companies that can give their presentation without overlap.

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Experience of Cloud set up

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What is Amazon Glue used for and provide an example?

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A customer already invested in physical servers and already in the implementation process, how do you convince them to the cloud

When was the last time you had to adapt to new technology?

Questions were mostly around the work done on aws services in past. Were not much in detail

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