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On a demandé à un ATM Technician...15 septembre 2015

Electronics background. Required knowledge of telephone line wiring, basic electronics and the ability to learn quickly. Physically fit? Must be able to put 300 lb. ATM machines into and take out of maintenance van. Good credit? Important as you had your hands inside an ATM machine. Good driving record? You were "issued" a company van. Able to organize and plan?n You would be given the jobs (working out of home) via FAX and had to plan the best route and accurately estimate job times so as to make appointments that you could keep.

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Apparently my answers were acceptable.

Diebold Nixdorf

They ask me what my pay should be

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As much as theyd offer a guy like me

Schoening Technology Group

Does this position sounds like something you would want to go through with

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Diebold Nixdorf

What was mynback ground? Did I have experience?

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I said no to both of them

ATMA Soluções em Atendimento

About yourself and how to perform a soil test in a plot.

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ABC Fitness Solutions

They asked me what I thought a typical day in my position would be like.

Nautilus Hyosung

They asked me about my previous experienced as atm tech


Do I have any questions

ATM Solutions

why do you want to work for us


No questions were asked.

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