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On a demandé à un Scientist I...18 août 2013

Expectation that you can give clear examples of past decisions that make you a good behavioral fit with the organization. These examples are often asked in a question format about past decisions.

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Can you pls send me the HR information?

Look up behavioral interviews before coming in.


Why was I leaving previous job?

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I was looking for opportunities for growth


When the next graduate student(s) start on my project, what would I tell/suggest to them?

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Does this position in process team?

How many interviewer were there in your interview process?


You realize we're not treehuggers here, right? We're not really helping the environment...why do you want to work here when I see all of this environmental club involvement?

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What office was the interview held in?

I would really be interested to know who in the company said that we are no really helping the environment. Of course we are, that is the whole point. If the upper management doesn't seem to think so, we have a big problem. Moins


Where will I be in 5 years

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Staff Scientist at Illumina?

hopefully here


Did you work with HPLC before?

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Yes I did. I had intermediate experience since I worked in lab.

Yes . I am familiar with HPLC use

The Clorox Company

How would you make a product using this piece of paper?

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1. Obtain consumer insights on preferred product and its attributes. 2. Develop product design based on consumer insights. 3. Develop prototype and confirm attributes with consumers 3. Develop product using the piece of paper taking into account consumer feedback. Moins

Ben Venue

Why I was not applying to another department with my background.

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Because my interests lie in product and process development, not routine testing. Moins

Tell us how your experiences could help in this role?

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Describe strengths

Keystone Laboratories

Fake survey. If this company is going to rely on one question interviewing they’re doomed to downfall.

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Don’t bother trying

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