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World Resources Institute
On a demandé à Research Associate - Assistant...15 avril 2021

How is your work ethic

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Very good

Innovations for Poverty Action

Are you a Pakistani national? [asked in an email after the process had begun]

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University of Chicago

What did you do previously? Do you know ... (Protein of their interest)? What you can do about it? Carrier goal?

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Answered slowly but clearly.


Do you have experience working with large volumes of people per day?

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I have worked with small research teams in all my past experience.


What was one mistake you made in your last job and how did you recover from it?

Ultra Media and Entertainment

Tell me about yourself.

Western University of Health Sciences

The most difficult questions were the technical questions regarding the documents that were given to me ahead of time to read which were related to research that was being done at the university.

Innovations for Poverty Action

How has your past research experience provide you with skills for this job?

Heritage Foundation

Where are you coming from? (Pedigree)


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