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On a demandé à un Associate Relationship Support Manager...24 juin 2018

What are your career aspirations.

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Be honest.


Have you visited a Key Bank before?

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Dimensional Fund Advisors

Our investment philosophy?

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(see website)

M&T Bank

How many 3 digit numbers have 1 zero in them?

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Frost Bank

Sell me this can of diet coke.

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Asked their beverage preferences. They said they preferred water and tea. I asked if they were in the market for soda, they said no. I asked if they knew of any friends, family, or coworkers who were in the market for soda and they said yes. I asked if I could have contact info for those people. He said he would buy the soda from me and gift it to them. Moins

Frost Bank

Why are you interested in Frost.

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The company culture seems to be very encouraging and they provide great opportunities for new hires Moins


How do you work in a stressful environment.

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Like a team player

ONE Bank

what do you think are you perfect for this position and why?

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yes i am because , i have the power to communicate with people and convencing power. Moins


Tell me how you became interested in Finance and what made you chose Wealthsimple.

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Spoke about how I became interested in Finance and why I thought Wealthsimple was the best place for me to work at this stage of my career. I also spoke about various aspects of the company that I find particularly interesting and why I was excited about their mission. Moins

Zagrebacka Banka

I didn't expected that they would ask me my opinion about what kind of qualities should manager have. I was sitting in front of managers and I think that was a tricky question. I sad that good manager should recognize effort of their colleagues, have good organizational skills, respond quickly in unusual situations and to have ability to make important decisions.

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