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Why are pot hole covers round and not square?

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Was not sure of answer, but it is so that they dont fall in the hole

Tubes and pipes are cylindrical and easier to fit down a circular hole.

Because pot holes are round

Given 100 white marbles and 100 black marbles and two jaws. Put these marbles in the two jars in a way that would maximize the chance of retrieving a white marble from any given jaw.

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If you know you were doing something right, but your manager told you to do it another way, what would you do?

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How would you describe customer service?

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What is regression testing ?

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is pointer available/used in C#?

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How would you deal with a problem employee?

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What will you bring to the table, if you get this job, that none of our other employee's have to offer us?

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What do you know about H&M?

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How would you prioritize the following tasks? Serving a client who needs help, working the cash, cleaning up when there is a big mess...

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