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How do you calculate the number of red cars in a city?

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you fly your drone over the busiest avenue and you count number of red cars from 7am to 9am, then you make a prediction, say 30% more red cars are elsewhere in the city

Ask my friend, who is a traffic officer how many red cars he pulls over in a shift and add about 25-30% more for the rest of the town.

I wouldn't, I'm sure someone else is already doing this and I wouldn't waste my time doing something someone else is already doing. I'd just contact that person, whether it be Stats Canada or whomever monitors statistics and retrieve the info.

Why are pot hole covers round and not square?

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How many sick days have you had previous employer

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Tell me about a time when you led a project from start to finish

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Which game of thrones character I like

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Are you able to work in physically demanding conditions?

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Can you work 10-hour shifts and lift at least 49lbs ?

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If you know you were doing something right, but your manager told you to do it another way, what would you do?

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Tell me about yourself

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Can you lift heavy objects?

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