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On a demandé à un Vice President and Assistant General Counsel...27 janvier 2016

Are you willing to travel?

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Sure yes


Do refer to yourself as an attorney or as a lawyer? There is a difference you know, and what one calls himself says much of his role.

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Indeed. I prefer counselor.

Parramatta City Council

Estimate costs savings be employing you.

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This is a new role the organisation has created so comparison is difficult because their are no internal controls. A key initial task for the role is to create those controls and create the necessary framework. Whilst this occurring the emphasis will be on being abetter client and thereby getting better value for money from legal service providers as a stepping stone to broader efficiencies. Moins

Alban Cat

My goals and aspirations within the coming 5 years.

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That I would like to be GC for a large company.

Art Institute of Chicago

The recruiter described the position and asked questions related to the priorities of the position, e.g., higher education experience, Board experience, etc.

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My experience and credentials seemed to be a match, but I did not hear back. I had to call to express continued interest and ask status. Moins

Cambia Health Solutions

Very fact-based questioning about certain areas of law that pertain to the position you are interviewing for.

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Cambia puts a lot of weight in you have prior experience in the area of law.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

What is your management style?

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What is y our greatest accomplishment and why?


What salary I was seeking.

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I told them the salary I was seeking.


How do you feel about having to stand up for an unpopular opinion and telling executives that they cannot do something they want to?

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It is a risky thing to do. If you believe that it is the truth, and it will work better for the company's sake, you have to say it. Then, offer a sound explanation why it cannot be done. Moins

The Coca-Cola Company

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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As an integral part of the Coca Cola legal team.

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