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First Solar
On a demandé à un Associate Data Scientist...16 mars 2023

describe your procedure of doing a data science project


Basics of Excel, Average Questions on SQL like subqueries, Joins, Like operator and Average questions related to Power BI


Tell me about your self talk about some projects


It's basically about your background, work experinece and readiness for the new job.

South River Mortgage

Why you want to work for the company.


Machine Learning algorithms like classification, regressions, and clustering. Python questions on Numpy, pandas.


Tell me about yourself Why are you interested in working for this company What accomplishment are you most proud of Do you have any experience as a consultant What is the most important thing as a consultant How do you keep track of ongoing technology trends What are the different database relationships How do you learn a new coding language Do you know what is agile and waterfall project method


1. Tell me about yourself 2. Why Aritzia 3. Go over your past experience

Virgin Pulse

Explain projects and tools you've used to work on those projects.


1st round introductory ML, DL, and NLP questions. 2nd round (with the hiring manager). Focused on resumes mainly projects and past experiences. 3rd round was a discussion on an open-ended NLP problem. 4th round was on projects of resumes and deeper discussion on the approaches for solving 1 or 2 NLP tasks.

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