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On a demandé à un Associate Data Scientist...1 janvier 2021

Mostly situational.. guesstimate and SPSS related questions to mark proficiency in statictics and visualizations.

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has anyone undergone the certification? please let me know

No I dont know anyone who has undergone this certification, even I tried finding out but was unable to search for someone within such a short time. Try texting those who already working in this position at Merkle on Linkedin. Moins

I had a same situation. I guess this is a fake offer. No company will make you to do the course on your own money (before giving the offer) . I am also thinking of discontinuing Interview Moins

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ZS Associates

mean or median which is bigger in left skew?

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in left skew mode>median>mean in right skew mean>median> mode

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You have 8 marbles and a balance scale. One marble weighs more than the others, but you don’t know which one. How can you identify the heavier marble using only two weighs of the balance scale?

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We put 3 marbles on each side of the scale for a total of 6 marbles that are being weighed. We leave 2 marbles off the scale. Then, we compare the 6 marbles… There are two possible outcomes: If one side is heavier than the other then we only have 3 marbles left. Then, in the second weighing, we can compare 2 of those 3 marbles to each other. If they are the same weight, then the 3rd is the heaviest. If one is heavier than the other, then we’ve succeeded in just two weighings. If, when comparing the 6 marbles, we find that both sides are equal, then we know that the heaviest marble has to be in the 2 marbles that are not on the scale. This means that we only have to compare on those 2 remaining marbles and we have the heaviest marble in only two weighings. Moins

I wonder how they grade you if you use the simpler but slightly less effective method of going 4x4, then 2x2, then 1x1. Moins

DeepTek Medical Imaging

Write a python code to solve the stock span problem.

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You will find a solution on GFG.

Busigence Technologies

Discussion of the code developed during the first round.

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Described the code in detail and answered accompanying questions.


How do you price Options? (Because I said my favourite subject at school was Option Pricing)

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Briefly explained Assumptions and Methodology of Time Value of Money and Black Scholes Model. Moins

American Institutes for Research

Tell me a time you had to learn something new quickly.

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I talked about being a battalion intel officer for an artillery battalion. I dove right in with a three week field exercise on my second day. Can’t learn anything staying in garrison. Moins


How would you validate an analysis you performed?

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From the question, I am assuming how would you validate data analysis. Here are my answers: I usually perform exploratory data analysis from the given data to uncover many insights. through data, I would like to understand descriptive statistics. Write a summary of all observations, correlations of all variables, anomalies found, assumptions made, etc. Once my report is complete I validate with the subject matter expert to have a discussion on what the data is telling us so far and see if there are any surprises or intersections between analysis and SME's Moins


Write a Python method given an integer n that returns all of the prime numbers up to n.

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for num in range(2,101): prime = True for i in range(2,num): if (num%i==0): prime = False if prime: print (num) Moins


How would you predict the number of shoes Nike will sell next month in New York?

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Historical trends, break the question by customer group, etc.

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