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Johnson Brothers
On a demandé à un Associate Business Analyst...12 mars 2018

How do you handle stress?

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I take a minute an breath in deep an exhale a few time an try to think of something that makes me happy Moins

Fairly good.

take a deep breath and evaluate situation.

J.P. Morgan

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

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I'm sincerely interested to get opportunity to this company. Hope if I am hired.

I'm Post graduate looking forward for the role which suits me

Voya Financial

The interview was a structured interview with manager following the paper outline. The manager inquired further to some of the questions along the way though mostly went one level deeper with followup questions. Most the questions that I remember were experience based with some personality based. No big deal the interview was relaxed and the role required dynamism and a strong person which almost seemed hypocritical.

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Did your status on their workday ever say “completely” ? What does that mean

Complete *

I answered the questions based on my experience so that was easy because I had the experience. I got to ask questions about the position and the part that I was not on board with was the imbalance between work and life. Everything else seemed like a good fit. Moins

Digital River

What is your favorite word?

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I have a hard time deciding between incongruous and anti-disenfranchisement.



Why you Quit your old organisation ?

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In order to enhance my skill set am looking for a new Career

Iam a fresher, decided to start my carrier in icon after completion of my post graduation. Moins

ZS Associates

A cube of 10 cm is painted on all of its sides, and cut down into cubes of 1 cm. 1)What is the ration of cubes with one side painted to that of cubes painted on three sides? 2)If all the 1 cm cubes are painted with 1 mm think paint and re-assembled, what would be the final dimensions of the assembled product? 3)what will be the change in volume? (initial 10 cm vs. After painting 1 mm thick on 1 cm cubes)

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Visualize a cube(rubics cube) and then it's a simple as just assembling it.

1. 64:1 2. 12cm,12cm,12cm 3. [12×12×12] - [10×10×10]= 728

Capital One

Asked me about myself

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I told him my elevator pitch and my reasoning for applying here

Did you pass the first round(phone interview)? Did they only do the phone interview or asked these questions? Moins


A man fell into a 30 m deep well. If he climbs up 4 m and slips down 1 m in one day, how many days will it take for him to get out of the well?

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10 days

1 day

10 days



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Any help regarding puzzles,where one can find them and practice them?

Geeks for geeks


Asked about projects mentioned in the CV and some Marketing and Operations related questions.

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Just detailed them about project and answered all the questions except one.

Did you selected mail. Becoz I gave interview and it's been 10 days I didn't get any mail. Moins

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