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How to improve a Heat Exchanger

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Change surface area, Change coolant, change flow rate of coolant

- How do you like to be compensated? (Pay for performance or regular salary) - Do you find that people come to you for advice? What was the most recent time someone came to you for advice and what did you tell them? - Do you think people do things for you because they like you? Give us an example. - Do you prefer a job that's 8-5 or more of a lifestyle? Explain why. - Would you consider yourself to be an overachiever? Give us an example of when you think you overachieved. - What kind of scoring mechanisms do you use in your day to day life? - Do you think a manager should spend more time with his best performing employees or the more mediocre ones?

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How would you deal with a client not accepting your recommendation?

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Have you had any experience with SQL or languages similar?

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