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On a demandé à un Assistant Superintendent...28 octobre 2016

How well do you deal with stress?

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Very well, in my, career. I have worked for outstanding employers. I have worked . Moins

V ery well

I'd deal with stress by communicating to my boss,and my co-workers.

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Dean Group

How do you handle differ opions between team members that escalate to severe issues.

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Negation is mantle there is no problem that can't have 2 winners.....then I broke down the steps 5 of them which he admired Moins

Lisean to the team member which wll me match for that situation according to my mind Wil be chosen Moins

Keppel Offshore & Marine

Why should we hire you

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Give me a one chance I prove in my talent


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you know about lendlease? What is your biggest weakness? Basic interview questions....

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Construction site 15yrs housing project road project

Excavator operator in bulldozer operator

D.R. Horton

Where do I see myself as a builder 5 years down the road.

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I see myself as a lead and I think I can potentially be a manager.

I see myself being manager or a high up superintendent. I see myself running multiple jobs and executing them in a timely manner and orderly fashion. Moins

McCarthy Building

What do you like to do on the weekends in your free time?

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Read, play sports, get together with friends, go to church

Play sports, watch sports, hunting, fishing, travel, family

Trump Golf

What are you current responsibilities?

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Assist with all daily maintenance, train other employees, etc

D.R. Horton

Work experience and what did I have to offer the team

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With positive confidence and honesty

Delta Air Lines

How many sick days do you average per year?

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Do not say more than 1.

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