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National Bank of Abu Dhabi
On a demandé à un Assistant Relationship Manager...16 mars 2016

Why should I hire you?

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As I am a quick learner and I feel I have all the abilities and skill which you need for this post and I would like to prove your decision correct of selecting me for this post. Moins


Chinatrust Financial Holding

3 minutes introduction about yourself

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why you leave your last job


Why you wanna join us? what can you contribute to us. What size of clients you managed.

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1. Learning new corporate banking products. 2. Bring past clients to you. 3. Sales of clients are between USD 5 Million to USD 1 Billion. Moins


Family background

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Discuss with them your bond and experience as a family

Standard Chartered Bank

what is the most unforgettable thing during the past working experience?

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It is a team work that most unforgettable. My Relationship Manager and I worked with other team member to make a deal successfully. Moins

Credit Suisse

Questions de motivations sur le poste ?

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Poste en cohérence avec mon parcours et ma formation.

American Express

1. Temme about yourself. Why we should hire you? 2. Why Sales? Sell me something you like. 3. Why Amex ? How will you adapt?

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All three cases , be confident, never-giving up attitude and positive response. They will repeat same questions every round , make sure to answer all same every instance. Aggressive attitude is the key. Moins

Bank of Communications

Why do you want to apply for this job? Why you can handle this position? self-introduction

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I think it is a good chance for me to enrich my knowledge of the banking industry, especially in corporate banking. Moins

The Bank of San Antonio

What could they do to help me achieve my career goals?

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Allow training opportunities, allow me to ask questions and receive answers, keep open communication. Moins

Capital Aim

Where you want to see yourself after one year down the line.state current hot topics in today's world

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in one year down the line I want to see my self in to decision making team.

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