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Aging in the Home Remodelers
On a demandé à Project Coordinator/Administrative Assistant...28 mars 2018

What I was looking for in Compensation:

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I mentioned to him my salary range. He said you are way out of our league. He stood up, and that was the end of the interview 10 minutes tops. This company reached out to me. I did not submit my application to them. Why waste someone's time with this type of behavior, it is obvious he does not require the HR Interview skills. Moins

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

They asked me basic clerical questions such as my familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite, etc. as well as switchboard operations, etc. They also asked me about how I was working independently on projects as well as working with a team.

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I was able to give several examples of my experience with office/clerical duties working in several different fields over the years. I also shared with them my organizational skills and leadership capabilities and gave them examples of the types of opportunities I have had to fine-tune those abilities over the years. Moins

A.I.M. Technical Consultants

To describe my Excel Experience

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Advised them that I used to teach Excel and was the only individual to ever take the prove it test for Office Team in Dublin and score 100% Moins

Springer Nature

Basics about scripting and iOS knowledge.

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Mad Engine

Can you handle fast-paced data entry in an environment with little room for error?

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Absolutely. Data entry is my favorite type of work, and I prefer a fast-pace to keep me busy. Moins

Victory Productions

What is agile methodology (since they mostly work with agile)? Have you used it before?

Aging in the Home Remodelers

When are you available to start?

Aging in the Home Remodelers

What are your salary expectations?

Amnesty International

Introduce yourself and highlight why you should be chosen for this particular job.

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