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What courses would you teach? Why are you a good fit? How can you make your research focus more on Canada?

One question i didn't expect was asking me to show how would i explain a specific concept to students. Other questions were general like why did I choose to apply to AUD and move to Dubai, how would i value students attendance.

How would new faculty work to get research grants.

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my background in research, my background in education, the reason for applying for this specific job, my goals in the future, my research line, my experience in supervising postgraduate students, my publications

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What would you put on our comprehensive exam syllabus?

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What courses could you imagine teaching here?

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How will you make sure that all students are on board ( knows all the basic material of the course) when the class size is large and students are at different stages of the learning curve?

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Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult situation

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