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Juniata College
On a demandé à un Assistant Professor, Physics...18 septembre 2016

What is my teaching philosophy

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I believe in close student-faculty interaction and that is something I will work on maintaining as a professor. I intend to keep that tradition going by engaging my students both in and out of the classroom. In the class room, because of small classes at Juniata College, I will be able to figure out the level of understanding of physics principles of my students. This allows to have deeper discussions of the concepts, by going into depth to make sure that everyone catches up and understands. For me it is very important that I treat each student as an individual and try to maximize how to teach them. I will try to know them so that I can figure out what makes them happy, motivates them, what they do not like and what gets them excited about the material and objectives of the course work. Students have different styles of learning and different styles on how to attain knowledge, so I will try to maximize my teaching approach for each student. Moins


As it was a job in academia, they asked me for a short teaching demo on a topic to be taught to an advanced undergraduate physics class using a pen and a paper. After that some technical questions regarding my research topic came along.

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My impression from their reaction is that I could manage the questions well.

Sastra University

Tell us about your reasearch.

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