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Wentworth Institute of Technology
On a demandé à un Assistant Professor - Computer Science...8 avril 2014

Why are you leaving your current job?

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You don't want to trash your current employer or they will think you are disgruntled or will trash them at your next interview when you go for another job. Don't seem desperate either. Moins

Gig International School

what is a computer?

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computer is electrically and electronic device

Winston-Salem State University

How well handle pressure in office setting.

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My response is that being a professional, intelligent and well rounded person used to interacting with diverse groups of people and open minded that I handle pressure very well. Moins

Vickram College of Engineering

Data structure need and use

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Don Bosco Institute of Technology

Introduce yourself. About c and Java. Internship related questions and projects

Albion College

Is our offer similar to offers from other schools in terms of salary? The president asked me a lot of questions that required long answers.

Hood College

What direction would your research take in the future?

University of New Orleans

Why do you want to move to New Orleans?

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