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Bank of America
On a demandé à Assistant Vice President; Operations Consultant...9 janvier 2014

What are your plans to transition from managing a team to being an individual contributor if offered the role?

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First and foremost, I'm always managing a team; just at a different level. I plan on collaborating with leadership, identifying clear goals for the company, and developing plans that's will assist in reaching our objectives along with growing leaders who can operate independently of me. Moins

As a manager, I am responsible for a group of employees, but more importantly, I am responsible for my success which makes me a great collaborator and individual contributor simultaneously. I believe, shedding one of those responsibilities will only make it easier for me to excel in this role. Moins

BG Multifamily

Where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs? Why are you interested in leasing? What qualification do you bring to the table? Do you have any prior leasing experience?

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In five years I see myself more educated in business practices and as a manager. I am new to the business side to the paper work side of things, I receive my Associates in business on June 7th. I do not have experience. Moins

In five years I see myself more educated in business practices and as a manager.



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My own experience



What can you do to help us negotiate with clients

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With my empathy

Every type of work. I can do meeting with clients like costing, working quality,work at time.excellent knowledgeable team. Moins

Hinduja Global Solutions

Why should I hire you

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I'm deaf I want work job I'm 30 age

I'm deaf I want work job I'm age 30

What past experiences of yours would you lend to this position?

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Strictly speaking, this question wasn't very difficult, but as soon as it was asked, I knew I would have a hard time distinguishing myself from other candidates who were more seriously considering consulting and talent recruitment. Moins

Interview for legal team member was so tough to crack. I was blank on some of question those were unexpected but during the process. They started rapid fire round where they wont leave you unspoken for a moment even. But they will give you plenty of time afterward and ask to share your experience in details and your outlook towards a life in general. You have to be intelligent enough to speak with many people at once.

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Yes/No ! It was not so well i did during interview. Do not negotiate salary do not tell even your expectation other you will get less from what you could fetch. Moins

Bank of America Merchant Services

General questions about Bank of America and merchant services and also one about how I work with a team. At the end of the interview, the hiring manager asked me to face the wall and we had a role play for a sales call. The product I was pitching was of my choice.

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The few days before the interview I researched the merchant service department and got familiar with the products they sale, the Clover P.O.S. systems. Moins

The Financial Risk Group

Why did you apply to FRG?

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Your mission is quite inspiring and learning new skills is my passion. from the reviews, I’ll like to belong in an organization that helps client and very much successful in their aspirations Moins

Tata Consultancy Services

Case based interview on IT Architecture work how it connects to business 1st round was technical with focus on past work and how it will be a career progression 2nd round was case interview

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Answered based on case, difficulty level was medium

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