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Choice Hotels
On a demandé à un Area Director...2 avril 2017

While this is a support role - Choice puts a lot of expectations on sales on the Area Directors and having a sales background

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it is a support role but they push sales as it boosts their bonus if the hotels sell more even if it hurts the hotels bottom line by selling the fee based reservations. Moins

Glad I am not the only one that had the same experience. And very true that numbers are their main concern and like you said it doesn't matter if it costs the hotel as they aren't the ones paying the bills at the property level. Moins

Went thru the same process and got the same canned email. Doesn't seem like they care if you have a Choice background. You would think after flying to the interview and spending a day being grilled that they could follow up with a call and give some feedback to help you the next time. Moins

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The N2 Company

How many more interviews do you plan on having?

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Apparently if you asked this... You will go from a great potential candidate to being reprimanded with a tone of "how dare you ask that question" Moins

If you sell into publications as an accountant executive you get paid the following month when the contracts are executed. Moins

Choice Hotels

Work history, industry knowledge, how do you deal with people

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We are told(demanded) to have no contact with people after the interview. Hence the former title as I didn't agree that if you are down to 6 or less applicants that you can call or email them to let them know instead of leaving them hanging and wondering what the outcome is. My new company is totally the opposite and I love the freedom to interact with applicants and even if they don't get the position they are very appreciative of the call or email instead of leaving them hanging like Choice is very well known for. Moins

They are very well known for no follow up after application or interview. If they do it is a generic form email that they send to everyone. Moins

The N2 Company

Do you understand that this is a full-time commitment, it's 80% advertising sales, it's starting your own business, and there are no paid benefits?

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Got to love it when people are honest with you!

Yes. (They certainly don't give you any false hopes - the CEO has said the failure rate is about 50%). Moins

Medical Services of America

Why do you want to work here?

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Yes I would love to work here .

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp

What kind of experience do you have?

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I was a girl scout leader. this helped me tremendously.


I was asked how I could add new account to the business, without explaining what an account would look like.

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I asked her to clarify what that means within an education setting.

Refugee Services of Texas

General screening questions like tell me about yourself, why are you interested in the role, why should we hire you, and management and behavioral questions.

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I answered honestly and directly. We had very engaging conversations about the organization during the q&a's. Moins

The N2 Company

they asked about my sales experience/style.

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I said I was a relationship building type of sales person. That my background was making calls and entertaining before I ever saw a quote. Moins

The N2 Company

Why are you interested in advertising sales?

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I'm not. I was responding to an ad for an Area Publications Director position. Is this for advertising sales? Oh, it's not for a job but to buy a franchise? Isn't that "bait and switch?" I don't think it reflects well on the ethics of the company to advertising for an employee position, when you're really trying to get people to buy a franchise. Moins

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