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On a demandé à un Marketing Assistant (Apprenticeship)...6 juillet 2021

Why should be hire you and not someone else ?

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Sir I am fitter structure and pipe and fabrication all work hard ina smart work

I am fitter structure and pipe and fabrication hard and fast 11 yers experience

I am fitter structure and pipe and fabrication work hard work drawing follow me

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Woodrow Mercer Group

Do you have any ongoing application elesewhere ? Where exaclty ? Are you ok with the (ridiculous) pay ?

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Obviously distorted the truth a little.

Reviewer is distorting the truth. It's the national apprenticeship wage surely?


Turn an array of names into a string

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Function myfunction (){ Var people= [“James”, “Larry”, “Lisa”,]; People.toString.() } Moins

Function myfunction (){ Var people= [“James”, “Larry”, “Lisa”,]; People.toString.() } Moins


dernière fois que vous avez rencontrer un problème

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parler d'une activité quotidienne

Bonjour, les questions de l'entretien vidéo était en français ? Merci


If you had £1000, what would you do with it?

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I would put it in my savings

Put the money towards a car


What are questions you have about company, apprenticeship?

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Asked about retention rate after apprenticeship, company culture...

Is Accenture still hiring for their apprenticeship position? I applied a month ago and still waiting to hear back. Hopefully with good news. Moins

Lloyds Banking Group

I recently attended the higher apprenticeship assessment centre, they said that they would get back to us all within 10 days. The next day I received an email with a feedback report however it did not say whether I'd got the job or not, shall I accept this as a rejection or does anyone know if they send out the feedback before offers? Thanks

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i recieved a feedback report as well thats just to show you your strengths but i have called & they have said that they will get back to you with wether youve have been accepted or not in the coming weeks. Moins

I could tell I was going to get the offer as it was very positive, whereas someone else I spoke to said theirs was mainly negative-so using a bit of common sense you can hazard a guess. Passed AC a month ago and still no contract however, anyone had the same? Moins

Bharat Petroleum

Working of transformer

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Google will give the answer

It is electrical apparatus it is used for passing alternatiing current from one voltage to other. Moins

Mercedes-Benz International

Have you worked on cars?

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Yes many

Clarkson Evans

What I knew about the company

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i know just its an electrical company

I'd read up before my interview so listed a few bits of information off to them

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