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On a demandé à un Plumber Apprentice...12 juillet 2021

Can you take the heat? Are you lazy?

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I will work till I drop

Genuine Plumbing and Heating

The size of a fitting, what size is what and what it was used for.

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My answer was it was a black 90 threaded elbow used for steam applications.

Rocket Rooter Plumbing

How often do you drink? (this is a common question for on-call type of jobs

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I usually have a beer every night

Haddad Plumbing & Heating

If i was willing to work overtime

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X3 Tradesmen

Last jobs worked

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no interview, you wait until your list number comes up....monitoring is conducted by the Dept of Labor.

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nepotism & connections get you thru the hiring process

TP Mechanical Contractors

Do you have any plumbing experience?

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I had very little to no experience.

You mind starting in the morning?

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Yessir I will be here where do I go?

Allstar Plumbing, Heating & Air

They asked why I had picked allstar plumbing.

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I picked allstar because it seemed like a company with a lot of potential to grow and it seemed like something I could do As a career Moins


some generic basic question

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