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Keytrade Bank SA
On a demandé à un AML Compliance Officer...9 janvier 2021

Algemene vragen over mijn ervaring. Vragen over loon verwachting.

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Algemene antwoorden. Het loon dat werd vooropgesteld was 60.000 € bruto. Geen bedrijfswagen. Geen bonus. Moins


Questions weren't particularly difficult, although they did seem intent on finding gaps in your cv

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Asked about my previous experience and what could I bring to the role, interviewer took time to answer my questions

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Provided an overview of my current role and examples of why I thought my experience was a good fit for the role Moins

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Tell me something about your weekend.

Ambank Group

-Tell me something about yourself. -Why do you want to work with us? -Why are you looking for a new job?


How do you know that you have effective compliance controls in place?


How would you define a good compliance program?


AML Regulatory Framework


What is not on the resume that we should know about you?

Fidelity Bank Nigeria

Are you able to relocate?

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