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On a demandé à un Advisory Project Manager...17 mai 2022

Tell about your past experience

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2-min overview on my past experience


How do you handle individual employee conflict in case of individual progression and performance ratings?

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It all depends on the situation and understanding employee strengths and weaknesses. Based on these details we have/need to approach the employee and council them what is best for them. Encourage their good work and suggest improvement opportunities. Moins


How do you manager Risks in the project

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We have a risk tracker, where we maintain any potential risks of the project, circulate that on a regular basis with all the stakeholders, and keep a mitigation plan to address the risk. Regular tracking of risks is very important to minimize last minute surprises Moins

UnitedHealth Group

If 3 million Americans were hospitalized with COVID, how many more hospital beds would the US need to accommodate them?


Generic PM questions: background and about PM processes (schedule, cost, issue, risk management)

Grant Thornton

'Tell me about yourself' line of questioning...

Jack Henry & Associates

Tell me about a situation in which you were the leader and one or more team members were not pulling their weight. How did you handle this situation as the project leader?

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