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Georgia Gwinnett College
On a demandé à un Adjunct Instructor...11 décembre 2017

Are you able to observe the posted schedule of classes?

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Vista College

Why do you want to teach

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Its something I always wanted to do.

I worked 11 years as a medical Assistant and was later 8 years pharmaceutical sales representative. I love teaching and open to any kinda job. Thank you Moins

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Are you qualified to teach the course?

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No, but I will be by the time I have taught the course for the first time.

I don't know anything about IT Security and i don't have experience in it but I teach the classes as the materials are online and the book is good. Moins

Globe University

What would you do if a student was always late to class?

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Talk with student first to find out what is going on.

Minneapolis Business College

Pretty basic questions about my background that was already covered in my resume

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Wentworth Institute of Technology

There are no questions that stand out in my mind per se.

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I just gave an overview of my education and background experience.

Everest College

your most challenging teaching experience, illustration for sustaining student motivation

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presented a class demonstration that incorporated learning and student motivation, designed critical thinking activity for evaluators Moins

Jefferson College

What is your mathematics background.

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I have a Masters Degree in math and have previously taught at a technical school. Moins

Vista College

Continuing education? Possibly in other fields.

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I made it clear that I was presently continuing my education and was open to all possibilities. Moins

Tulsa Community College

Explain your Philosophy of teaching.

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The focus of my answer dealt specifically with teaching first generation college students, working with students from various cultural backgrounds., working in an urban setting, and working with workforce development students. Moins

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