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On a demandé à Accounts Payable Accountant...23 juillet 2018

Tell us about your past employers

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All information is in the packet you made me fill out

It's unfortunate placement/temporary agencies conduct business like that. I understand your experience completely. I guess it applies to the "numbers" game. At RobertHalf the staffing specialist stated employers are now using the "vetting" service more these days. Temp. to permanent is currently 1 to 2 years. I choose not to believe that. Please check out "workitdaily" website. It is phenomenal! JT O'Conner, HR consultant has put together an employment strategy to obtain those interviews. So, I revamped my resume and landed a position. She has weekly "live" webinars and sher and her staff followup to ltr/CV reviews within 24 hours. There are so many critical modules with important information. The monthly subscription is $19.00 (with promo code) and you can stop anytime. It is worth every penny....believe me. Good Luck. Moins

This agency was the worst in human relations. For the most part, during our Skype interview, the agent looked at his keyboard and not the screen. Makes me wonder the guilt associated with all that contradiction spewing from his mouth. Or that he was a music major, paying the bills in this position. Not a very good experience, but hey, I did not need their services after all. Moins


Please describe a project where you had to improve a process.

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Provided an example of a project where I improved customer service for the AP department. Moins

ACH and Wire process as hackers are gearing up to scam our vendors. The process of verification must be revamped to ensure the safety of our company as well as our vendors. Verification process was improved by taking necessary steps and precaution, attention to detail and a keen eye which includes word usage has allowed vendors security and satisfaction in regards to monies sent via ACH or Wire. Moins

Blue Apron

How are your vendor management skills?

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Have you ever been in a meeting before?

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I said "yeah of course" and really wanted to roll my eyes afterwards. What a stupid question. Moins

Vinotemp International

Brief introduction about yourself

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Summarize the education and work experience on your resume.

Faena Group

What is your strength and weakness?

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Strength - I am a team player. Organized, dependable, and detailed oriented. Don't like to leave things pending. If I can get things done by the end of the day, why leave it for later. Weakness - Barely take time off. Even when I go home I am thinking of what needs to be done the next day. Moins


Why do you want to work for Thermacell?

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Finding a good fit is hard. I loved my previous company and the colleagues I worked with over 20years. My previous company was acquired, and I am now looking for a new team. Thermacell currently is not a Tech-Giant culture. I feel like there is more opportunities working for a smaller company. I would like the chance to share my knowledge and experience working for both small and large companies and look forward to learning new skills. Moins

First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities

Tell me about yourself?

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I focused on my work experinces and skills.

First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities

Where did you leave currently?

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I leave in Tanauan City, Batangas.


Q: Have you take any accounting course before? Do you understand credit and debit?

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Yes, I take advanced accounting and financial statement analysis courses before.

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