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Entretien de Senior Project Manager Toronto, ON

You have a break for 11 months between your last job and

  today, please tell me what you were doing and why you took this break?

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I looked a this time to reflect and to regroup and research opportunities further my career aspirations.

Dwayne, le 11 oct. 2012

There could be very personal reasons for a break like that. It may have nothing to do with career or traveling, it may just be something personal. In other words: it may be nobody's business. Good questions to ask in reply are: "Why do y ou want to know? How will it help you to know that? Did you stop to consider that there might be a reason I didn't include it in my CV?"

Utilisateur anonyme, le 16 mars 2019

Maternity leave

Utilisateur anonyme, le 12 déc. 2019

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