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Entretien pour First Line Field & Helpdesk Engineer Tier II

-Londres, Angleterre

Netstar IT

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"We did not choose to hire the applicant due to the fact that some from more challenging, especially Urban cultures are not the most productive workers." That's actually racist as hell!!! I'm disappointed in you B.W. - that's if you are the same B.W I knew SHAME ON YOU... But I guess that doesn't surprise me considering that place a shambles lead by a dictator who rips off their clients and treats their staff like slaves & is more concerned about looking the part than actually investing in their staff. I'm beyond angry at your comment and i say again - SHAME ON YOU

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I had a 2nd interview with Netstar yesterday and I have to say it was the most uncomfortable experience I have had in my professional career to date. The Ops Manager and People and Culture Manager couldn't have been nicer. Shame the same cannot be said for the SDM.... his style of interviewing appears to be one of intimidation and constantly trying to assert his authority by giving negative scenarios and putting people in a corner to see how they react. Very much gave me the impression that it is either done his way or there is the door. Actually found him to be rather intimidating, almost to the point of bullying. When answering his questions the feed back from my answers was 'hmmm ok'. To pretty much all of them. There was no actual engagement around my answers from him. And the scenarios got more and more negative and, frankly ridiculous the more further through the interview I got. I would suggest that the SDM needs to work on his interview techniques, and move away from the alpha male approach and actually engage with candidates.

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Family commitments, looking to continue in '2nd line' which is traditionally break/fix, not '1st line' which is helpdesk. The two cannot be done together

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There is a very high staff turnover according to previous reviews, the Agency will sell this to you as a regular Field Service Engineer role, but I've been on Police interviews under Caution that have been more pleasant. Go with an open mind, if you can do the hours and the commute (as well as travel to customer offices in central London and one or two in Essex), multitask (fix frozen iPhone 6s while stripping down laser printer and answering phone) have good customer facing skills, then this is right up your alley

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I wrote a review on here regarding this company and from the sounds of your comments you are a wise person who has made the correct decision. This company will make you feel as though your not as good as your CV shows, in order to push you hard and do long hours. Best decision you made my friend. Good luck for future.

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We did not choose to hire the applicant due to the fact that some from more challenging, especially Urban cultures are not the most productive workers. The CV supplied did not match the candidate and we wished to be fair to our customers and provide a good support service. Someone with a child they claim have to take to school before starting work is not suitable due to the 7-5 shift, or the 8-6 rota. The candidate also expressed issues about multitasking, it is perfectly acceptable to assist customers by fixing their mobile device whilst halfway through a photocopier repair. We have no issue with staff turnover, and more than 60% stay past probation period according to recent research. We are a growing company, and have expanded by more than 33% in the last year. We have a large amount of Legal firms and small businesses throughout East London and Essex and the candidate who posted the review admitted he would struggle to commute from the other side of London each day, so I terminated the interview and showed him the door.

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