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-Minneapolis, MN

UnitedHealth Group

Why are you leaving your current position


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Hi I have had to relocate to New York because of a need for more opportunities Available within my sports med minor My current employer has been very understanding and has offered me a chance to travel and learn More about my intended career goals Apart from my associate management employment Position a Rittenhouse sports Philadelphia Her names is Carolyn and since maintaining a concise agende and updating with the shop I proved the ability toward making for the best On behalf of Career Volunteering & community Which has its rewards

Clinton Patterson le


Thank you for writing this comment. It is very good and encouraging for someone who might have applied or about to go through the process.

Utilisateur anonyme le


Thank you so much for the detailed review. I have been applying at UHG but still no answer. My current project was affected by a budget cut so I'm really looking for a new project. I am a CMS contractor and I'm really praying to get a position with UHG. I love that company.

Utilisateur anonyme le


The company I worked for had a reduction in force and I was one of the employees that was effected by the re-organization.

Utilisateur anonyme le


Does anyone know the salary range at UHG for Sr. Project Manager

Stacey le


I am a full-time employee of the company with a 1-year term that concludes in September. I was brought on to manage a specific project.

Utilisateur anonyme le

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