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While this is a support role - Choice puts a lot of expectations on sales on the Area Directors and having a sales background


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it is a support role but they push sales as it boosts their bonus if the hotels sell more even if it hurts the hotels bottom line by selling the fee based reservations.

Chuck le


Glad I am not the only one that had the same experience. And very true that numbers are their main concern and like you said it doesn't matter if it costs the hotel as they aren't the ones paying the bills at the property level.

Utilisateur anonyme le


Went thru the same process and got the same canned email. Doesn't seem like they care if you have a Choice background. You would think after flying to the interview and spending a day being grilled that they could follow up with a call and give some feedback to help you the next time.

Anonymous le


I have seen a trend with them. Just a hint for anyone applying. If you have worked at a Choice hotel you will not get hired no matter your background(straight from a former recruiter). They were never allowed to hire a hotel employee in all the time they were a recruiter at Choice even if they were the best candidate. And the more jobs you had previously the better chance you have to get hired, even if they were only a year or less.

Anonymous le


the above is all true. The job continually changed and mostly for the good. But they eventually wouldn't let us help the hotel because they were in CYA mode if you suggested something and it didn't work for the hotel they didn't want them coming back on you. In the end all you were allowed to do is give the hotel info they could get on their own and give them suggestions that you gave all hotel. Had to change since they changed so much

former employee le

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