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Orient Craft

What will you do if you ever find that your senior is doing a mistake and he is not listening to your suggestions?? will you complain about him to higher management?


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first we will discuss the matter with seniors that this is wrong.then we should think on behalf of organization profit. then it will be executed.

bhopal jha le


No sir i won't , if the management has put some one as my manager that means he has more experience and knowledge to hande issues at his lavel. Even if i find that the way we are doing the process is wrong i will give my 100% to execute the work plan he has laid out, finally it's only the team effort which leads any organization to it's success. this will help me win his confidence in me and then i will explain him about my doubts so that we can work with a better understanding in future works.

Utilisateur anonyme le

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