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-Tucson, AZ

Complete Analytical Services

What previous lab work experience do you have?


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Plenty, was employed by Pima County Wastewater as a water quality inspector, collecting, preparing, documenting ( COCs ), and verifying the samples electronically. While with the USGS ( internship ) was required to collect, prepare, document, and analyze soil and well / ephemeral stream water samples. Would prepare reagents, calibrate and maintain equipment and instruments in the field and lab. Database maintenance and quality control. Helped train new lab techs. Lots of customer service and frequent interaction with technical professionals, e.g.-scientists, architects, construction managers and engineers.

Carlos Velez le


If anything, I am overqualified for either of the advertised openings, but live only about a half a mile away from your location, extremely convenient for me, and promise to stay on with you. Any training will be minimal, Thank You, Carlos Velez, TPO, CFM.

Carlos Velez le

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