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Entretien de Sales Associate/Cashier West Vancouver, BC

What did you like about selling - How do you describe

  yourself (a question I hate to be asked) What do you feel on making commission sales , and what do you like doing in you spare time.

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First of all I answered the selling part right, the next question I asked him to specify what part he wanted to know about me, the next on commission sales - he replied back that there are no commissions paid to you the first three months. I then asked him where did the commissions go, and he low-voiced something back "to the company" I raised an eyebrow at that. I then said so there is nothing to stop you, or the company, in letting me go after I've worked there making all these commissions for you. He said that never happens, as we all help each other out, so no-on is ever dismissed! Again, I raised another eyebrow
He then proceeded to tell me that all his "girls" are friendly and that there is no back-stabbing and that everyone likes each other. I said I found that hard to believe having worked in commission sales before with women (at a high-class dress store). I didn't get that job, because I asked too many questions and I also told him that my values were high - I only sell what I believe is true and I would not compromise my values!
Needless to say,I didn't get the job, but after reading previous reviews, I had a lucky escape.

Candidat à l'entretien, le 20 juin 2015

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