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Questions entretien Sales chez Walgreens Boots Alliance


Entretien de Sales

Employé anonyme - Londres, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
Offre d'embauche acceptée
Expérience positive
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Le processus a pris +1 semaine. J'ai passé un entretien à Walgreens Boots Alliance (Londres, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)) en novembre 2009.


Online application. Interviews are pretty much the same at every store across the UK.
Your interview is basically not a normal sit down question and answer type. You will be on the shop floor with your interviewer, where you will be given a number of tasks to do.

First of all, I had to stand at the main entrance giving handing out baskets, did that for about 2 minutes. Next thing I had to hand out advantage card leaflets, I did this by asking the people if they had an advantage card if not would they be interested. I then had to find the cheapest paracetamol (Go to the shop before hand and find out where it is so you can get it real quick) Last thing I was shown an aisle and asked how and if I could improve, I said I'd fill up the empty spaces and make the prices more clear.

After all that I was taken back up to the office and asked a few questions, Why do I want to work for Boots? What can I bring to Boots? and then when can I start.

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